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There is so little you need to do to know the real taste of victory: simply sign up with the Azino777 gambling house and make your first deposit. After that, the entire world of gambling is a mouse click away. Regardless of your level of skill?whether you are a newcomer or a guru of online gambling?everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Our website will help you quickly learn the rules of the games and get winning combinations right after you spin the gambling drums for the first time. Why should you choose Azino777? Forget all doubts! If you have a good understanding of gambling slot machines, then you know for sure what best online casinos are about: honesty, reliability, high level of dispersion, and a good selection of games. We?ve got it all!

The progressive jackpot is our fanciest gift for you, as it is imbedded into more than a half of the virtual gambling slot machines that our casino has. Do you search for a place where your gambling passion is paid day and night and where you are always welcome? Then you?ve come to the right place! Ours is an exiting casino for daring gamblers! If you look for a truly challenging and breathtaking gaming experience, which will bright up your days with a fresh color, we welcome you to the Azino777 gambling house!

VictoryWillbeours N.V. has deserved a reputation of being a reliable company through its stringent compliance with the regulations of e-commerce. Over the years the Company has been ensuring the highest level of player?s data protection against fraudulent activities, illegal acquisition of information by third parties, and data loss.

How is this powerful protection ensured? In the first place, this is our technical effort: constant monitoring of data access, use of various means to prevent failures, as well as up-to-date methods of data encoding and encryption. That is why VictoryWillbeours N.V. utilizes the most reliable systems available on today?s market?128-bit SSL encryption, efficient data protection through firewalls, as well as a 5-stage safeguard strategy. In addition, VictoryWillbeours N.V. uses special software to help immediately and imperceptibly detect all fraudulent activities and scenarios.

Identification of gamblers during the registration process.

Since the protection of each gambler's data is the primary concern of any serious online casino, Azino777 does its best to ensure fair play no matter what game you choose in our gambling hall. Our gambling house makes sure minors are not allowed to play and prevents all kinds of illegal activities connected with money laundering or winning through the use of special software. To guarantee hassle-free payments, Azino777 asks users for their proofs of identity: date of birth, last name and address.

eCogra questions

By visiting the eCogra independent institution?s website at each player can find a plenty of information on online casinos and can ask them any question.

Money transactions

Azino777 online casino uses only the best encoding technologies when interacting with gamblers? browsers. That is why Azino777 gambling house has decided in favor of the VeriSign system for telecommunication purposes. Moreover, the online payment systems that we use are protected by our clearing partners, who make sure the transactions are quick and accurate regardless of the physical distances and the number of transactions.

Prevention of problem gambling.

Prevention of problem gambling has become a topical issue in online gambling due to the specifics of e-business. That is why Azino777 had to study the reports of the Cambridge Health Alliance and had to work out the comprehensive set of measures to protect gamblers from excessive influence of gaming on the life. For instance, we developed a number of unique safety policies based on investigations of an early gambling addiction. They arrest the development of the gambling addiction and they are embedded in all games available in the Azino777 gambling hall.

Social commitments

An online casino understands at all times its social responsibility; therefore, public opinions are taken into account. Azino777's business model draws on the main principles of social organization, ecology, and economy of a given country. Therefore, our social commitments are interrelated with our financial responsibility. And this is the reason why the entire business of the gambling house is made possible thanks to the positive social attitudes towards casino activities. European Gaming & Betting Association.

Protection of the young gamblers.

Azino777 online casino provides access to gaming to gamblers who are 18 years or older at the moment of the their personal account registration. To avoid trouble, gamblers are advised to keep their account access data (password, login, security question, and answer) in a safe location.

A gambling license is an essential guarantee of an online casino’s viability and credibility. The legality of activities serves as evidence of the fair play through which all gamblers can win and withdraw their winnings. The entire business of VictoryWillbeours N.V. is conducted under the license issued by the Curacao authorities and is governed pursuant to the national laws and local regulations. The Gambling license is issued by the Curacao Ministry of Justice. Online gambling is governed in Curacao by the National Ordinance on Offshore Hazard Games. 2001 was a very important year for the gambling industry in Curacao as it was then when the Curacao Internet Gaming Association began to deal with the online gambling issues. Today the Association’s experts are engaged in solving top-priority problems connected with the implementation of political legislative and judicial measures. It should be reminded once again that the gambling hall of VictoryWillbeours N.V. only welcomes players of 18 or more years of age.

Scope of regulation. Since in some countries no regulations for the online casino business have yet been devised and enforced, private operators cannot enter the gambling industry. All this is done for the sake of establishing a state monopoly; therefore, this industry is distinguished by the lack of legislative base precision and clarity. Situation in Europe. All resolutions made on the European level are?in this way or another?aimed at the further development of the European gambling industry. Under some of the resolutions made in 2007, all restrictions imposed on the gambling business must pursue the aim of protecting social interests. Based on this, the availability of online gaming options may be limited. However, some of the European Commission?s recent initiatives may be interpreted as a gentle attempt to ?open up? gambling. In the Commission?s opinion, the local legislation of more than 10 countries violates the existing European norms and regulations; legal proceedings were initiated against them. Proceedings against Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, and France are now on the second stage.

The consolidated team of VictoryWillbeours N.V. has its own groundbreaking vision of the online gambling market. We began our activity in 2011 and have achieved tangible results since then: new gamblers join us on a daily basis, and they are happy to have access to the best gaming options. Our young age is our advantage, as it means a fresh perspective. We are constantly carrying out sector-specific research in order to detect promising trends and create the best possible environment for our gamblers. Online casinos exist for their players, who have the right to demand fairness, openness, and quality gaming. Fairness. VictoryWillbeours N.V.. makes the return to player data visible per each game. The eCogra independent institution verifies this information, so the players may rest assured that all figures are accurate. These data reveal that there is a clear percentage correlation between bets and winnings. Openness. VictoryWillbeours N.V. has a Curacao license; therefore, its business is absolutely legal and each gambler is protected by the country?s law (National Ordinance on Offshore Hazard Games). Quality gaming. VictoryWillbeours N.V. is a leader among other gambling houses?the quality of each game is a sign of our success. Our average return to player ratio is 97.6%, and you are free to choose between several hundreds of games created by the leading casino software developers!

Registration number: 134627
Trade name & official name: VictoryWillbeours N.V.
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
Statutory seat: Curacao
Address: P.O. Box 3075, Curacao, Willemstad, Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park
Country: Curacao
Correspondence address: P.O. Box 3075, Curacao, Willemstad, Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park

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