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Responsible gaming

VictoryWillbeours N.V. does its best to support the high gaming standards in the wealthy states of the European Union. Therefore, our gamblers have access to the best games available on the web. The broad selection of slots is shaping the mindset of a new generation of players, who become more passionate and dynamic. Driven by this understanding VictoryWillbeours N.V. assumes full responsibility for the contents and the essence of these games. That is why Azino777 sees its mission as the creation of an innovative and, at the same time, safe gaming platform for adults. Our reliable top grade slot machines enable all gamblers to monitor their financial capacities and receive qualified fault-free service at all times. The fundamental business principles of VictoryWillbeours N.V. include business integrity, fair-dealing, and reliability. It is of major importance for us to create a gaming balance, i.e. the conditions that would enable players to exercise their will in the course of their leisure-time activities and avoid gambling obsessions. As a result, we worked out the basics of the safe gaming, and we make sure the following requirements are rigorously observed by VictoryWillbeours N.V. : 1) Creation of a safe gambling environment; 2) Safe gaming; 3) Prevention of gambling addictions.

1. Creation of a safe gambling environment.

VictoryWillbeours N.V. bears responsibility for its gamblers and for their personal data. Our basic concerns include the following: ensuring the games are only accessed by the players of legal age; private data protection; accurate processing and discharge of payments. The reliability of each slot machine is monitored by independent institutions, and their monitoring reports are available on our website. Our advertising campaigns only promote those benefits that may in fact be received by gamblers as a result of their gaming activities.

2. Safe gaming.

The issue of gaming safety is most fundamental: in the first place, all gamblers are protected from errors (e.g. unintentional bet rate change), and, secondly,VictoryWillbeours N.V. has compiled a powerful database to secure its players from all kinds of fraudulent activities. All unsolicited machinations with bets and money laundering attempts are considered criminal offences and must be excluded from the notion of "game".

3. Prevention of gambling addictions.

As online gaming may have serious impacts on players (similarly with all other spheres of their social life),VictoryWillbeours N.V. assumes responsibility for its gamblers. In reality the vast majority of gamblers visit the online casino once in a while and for entertaining purposes only. However, the pastime habits of some individuals may be harmful: for example, consumption of alcohol and junk food, irresponsible shopping, etc. Over time these habits may become various addictions that cause a number of problems. Similarly, excessive gaming may cause problems; but, hopefully, not so many people fall under such influences. "Responsible Gaming" Support Service was set up in order to solve this kind of problems and help gamblers overcome their addictive behavior. The players that cannot control their gambling habits are denied access to games. We send them special messages that contain contact information of institutions that provide gamblers with qualified support and professional advice. A gambler?s personal responsibility is always the ideal solution, as it is able to prevent gambling issues. If gamblers themselves exercise control over the money that they have spent and over the risks that they have ventured, they will more realistically assess their own capacities. VictoryWillbeours N.V. provides gamblers with the all the necessary gaming information. It helps gamblers develop their own gaming strategies and establish the limits of money that they are ready to spend.

Lockout of access for underage persons (minor gamblers). No gamblers under 18 years of age may access Azino777 games. This is why all players must confirm that they are of legal age during the registration process. In addition, we demand that all users produce copies of their identification documents following their first money withdrawal request. VictoryWillbeours N.V. encourages parents and foster parents that are gamblers themselves to keep their casino access data out of reach of children.

Possible problem solving.

Azino777 gambling house has collected a variety of slot machines in one place to let our visitors have a good time and to stir up their pulses. The Company bears responsibility for its gamblers and endeavors to create an entertaining environment, which will nevertheless remind players of the existing gambling risks. Those users that find it problematic to accurately estimate their risks, that suffer from a gambling addiction, or that are unable to set spending limits, cannot appreciate gaming for its entertaining properties. They need advice and assistance in the first place.

Those players that wish to entirely enjoy slot machines and not to worry about the gambling problem need to observe the following rules:

Start your game only when you are in a tranquil mood.

Set your alarm-clock and slow down from time to time.

Set your monthly spending limits and do not go beyond them.

Always follow the limits that you have set. If anything goes wrong, remember that your requests will be attended by our team within one calendar day, therefore, you will have time to change your mind.

Before starting your game think of how much you want to win to stop playing.

Similarly, before starting a slot machine, think of how much you want to spend.

Never start your game under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Never start your game if you are in bad mood.

Gambler's self-protection.

To make sure all players enjoy gaming with the Azino777 gambling house, we have worked out the self-protection measures described above. The Company encourages all users to take these measures seriously and follow the said rules responsibly in order to overcome gambling addictions by common effort. The validity term of the players' requests related to self-protection is never shortened, as it is of major importance for the administration. These requests are described below.

Personal limit: in addition to the standard top-up limits, all gamblers are able to set their personal limits that may be even lower than the standard limits. Such requests are given immediate attention upon receipt, while the requests of raising limits are processed within 24 hours.

Account removal: gamblers may send their requests to the following email address: support@Azino777 .com in order to shutdown access to the existing games. All players have an opportunity to suspend their accounts for a period of one month, three months, or indefinitely.

Most gamblers start slot machines for entertainment purposes only. Spending reasonable amounts of money on gambling from time to time is absolutely acceptable and will not ruin one?s financial well-being. However, some people consider these games to be a real source of profit rather than entertainment.

What are the constituents of a gambling addiction?

When does a gambling passion become a problem? In the first place, it starts exactly when it begins to negatively affect a gambler's everyday life: when his/her health impairs and family relations deteriorate. The second red flag is the damage to the gambler's financial standing and work. In this case you should not spend any of your time on gambling, as negative effects are very likely to follow. The gambling addition was first included into the list of mental disorders as long ago as in 1980. The gambling addition is usually described as longstanding and growing craving for game that occurs despite the social commitments and negative impacts.

How can one detect a gambling addition?

Of course, gambling additions can be identified by medical experts in the first place. However, below we have provided information that might help you assess the behavior of your friends, family members, or your own. Note that it may be hard to draw a line between normal gaming passion and a disorder, but you can identify the red flags that may mean that there is a problem. If you identify at least five flags, it means a gambling addition is quite likely:

You cannot have your mind off the game even when you are out of the casino.

Your betting limits grow all the time.

All your attempts to stop playing or monitor spending have been unsuccessful.

Gaming has become your only way to escape from everyday problems and concerns.

You feel depressed when your access to gaming is limited or when someone asks you to do so.

You lie about your gambling habits to others.

You cannot resist your desire to recover your losses.

Your gambling led to your being in debt.

You commit illegal acts.

Your family relations and relations at work have deteriorated.

BBGS Test and the works of the Harvard University. The special BBGS Test will help you voluntarily assess your risk of becoming a gambling addict. In addition, you may visit a special website with a plenty of advice and information based on the research carried out by one of the most famous universities of the world; this website provides assistance to those who suffer from gambling addictions. The main treasure of the university research is the training course entitled "Your First Step to Changes?Starting Point on Your Way".

The University of Cambridge is an absolute world miracle, as its researchers are seriously engaged in studying various types of gambling addictions. Their investigation has become a foundation stone of the VictoryWillbeours N.V. business. Filling the long existing gap, their impressive experimental databases help effectively prevent the occurrence of gambling addictions. Moreover, the studies of the university assist in developing the entertainment sector and ensuring safe gaming at the Azino777 online casino. Early stage complications. The main value of the investigation is establishing the fact that gambling addictions may be effectively prevented. The ultimate objective of the research is to ensure response to the problem at an early stage and to monitor a gambler?s behavior in order to identify individual problems at the very start. Certainly, this research alone does not establish a diagnosis, which can only be done by a lab expert on the basis of a series of standardized tests. The Azino777 team does diagnose disorders, but it helps monitor the gaming behavior so as to timely prevent the emerging problems. Moreover, the activity of a casino alone may not serve as the cause of a disorder?after all, gaming is primarily a source of fun and amusement. Azino777 gambling house has devised and enforced a special algorithm with its Addictions Unit. This algorithm is not ideal?as we cannot predict future?but it enables our team to provide gamblers with advice in case potential risks are detected. Low incidence rate of gambling addictions. Gambling addition is relatively a rare phenomenon, so our Responsible Gaming Department is far from being overwhelmed with work. We always start from analyzing the most important cases, however, the major part of the email messages that Azino777 receives are not threatening. The vigilance of gamblers who act responsibly when playing at the casino is always a positive factor. Sometimes they diagnose themselves with a gambling addiction, which we, in fact, do not detect. Our users are encouraged to ask questions to get all the information they need. Processing of applications. Though our responsible gaming procedures have been dynamically implemented, many gamblers are unaware of this system. It is worth noting that each gambler undertakes to recognize all possible risks related to his/her gambling. The players are also provided with all the information on how they can secure themselves from negative impacts of gambling. If everyone pays his/her attention to these simple measures, the gambling problems will not be an issue. Application Processing Department. VictoryWillbeours N.V. takes its administrative functions in earnest. If a gambler?s behavior raises concerns, the gambling house administration will give this player a close attention. All players can at any time contact our Support Service with their questions and get exhaustive explanations. This feedback helps us keep the situation under control. The players that participate in our responsible gaming system can prevent the risk of gambling addictions. It should be borne in mind that this method reduces the relevant risks by 35?40%. Protection suspension. Protection lies at the very core of the Azino777 casino's business. Users can at any time unsubscribe from receiving the information on responsible gaming, but we recommend that you still keep your subscriptions.

You can always contact the "Gambling Therapy" international organization and receive advice and support with your gambling problems. This institution?s qualified experts provide on-line support and do their best to mitigate all negative impacts of gambling onto your everyday life. If you do not speak foreign languages, please send your message to an appropriate department of Azino777 , whose experts are always ready to provide gamblers with immediate help.

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